Motholic Mobble, Motolisk Mobbel (no).

Tor Børresen (artist)


Behaviouristic theory is based on the human (animal) behaviour in relation to operant terms –

needs, action and consequences. A chain of connecting functional stages. The feeling of hunger,

the need for nutrition, reaction and stimuli. This provides that the motor abilities are learned

and in function. Motor abilities can be defined as a number of processes connected to training or

experience leading to relatively permanent changes in these abilities.


In behaviourism, one also speaks of “the black box”. This is a bit insufficient explanation on a

specific type of behaviour - where the human mind evades simple reading through stereotypical



The Motholic Mobble can arise when the artist choose to refrain from causal effect. If the body

is a machine, a motorized capsule, moving us through time and space, and the rational patterns

of movements are exchanged into the complex and irrational qualities of “the black box”, we can

approach the distinct character of the Mobble. The body is guided by other reasons than trying to

reach a certain or concrete goal. The movement is steered by abstract lines, and the activity can

be said to be the movement between the space we are unable to see and the space we are unable

to reach. The Mobble is thus a deliberate choice, striving for the dysfunctional, a longing for

gmotor trouble” if you like.


Tor Børresen, April, 2011